Summer Beer

“I would like to apologize to all Texas fans……”  Infamous words from the fabled coach down “South”, but relevant to my situation.  See, in business, as is in life, timing is everything.  Well, given that summer is technically over and my last blog was the “MAH” A Rita, my timing sucks.  That said, my latest entry is something I have recently discover and needs to be shared with all.  So sit back, relax and take heed.

Proper beer consumption is an art form, a skill that takes years of dedication and commitment to perfect.  Once perfected, it is revered by many, mostly the novice or junior drinker, to which I say “Patience grasshopper, patience”.  Although I feel I am the Zen master of beer consumption, from time to time I like to venture outside my comfort zone.  Today, my vice is something called “Summer Beer” or as those north of me refer to it “Beer A Rita”.  Now typically, I wouldn’t dare defile “heaven’s milkshake” (i.e. beer) with a lime or a lemon and god forbid, an orange.  But Summer Beer is a wonderful concoction that I shamelessly admit is good Schit!  Albeit similar in nature to other summer concoctions, Summer Beer is easy, simple and quite tasty:

Summer Beer 


4 – 12oz bottles of beer (preferably Miller Lite)

1 – 12 oz can Limeade

6 oz Vodka

1 lime


Combine all ingredients in a pitcher, stir and serve over ice, with a slice of lime.  Easy, breezy, Japanesey.

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2 responses to “Summer Beer

  • Jeff

    I can attest – it’s good schit. If you want to really tie one on, go equal parts vodka and limeade mix.

    I was warned not to do so, but tried it anyway.

    You could say it was successfull – although I don’t really remember.

    Nevertheless, I say, “Mission accomplished!”

  • Yo MaMa

    Since I am not a beer drinker I won’t be trying your latest recipe, but technically Summer is not over until tomorrow night; so you are under the wire.

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