A Toast

Rarely am I serious, but today is a welcomed exception.  After all, this is the time of year to give thanks and I have many reasons to be thankful. 

Our first year of operation at TheTwistedEpicurean has been a great success.  Our site’s popularity and interest level has exceeded my expectations tenfold and I am excited for what the future may bring.  I have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback and many other thoughts and suggestions on how to make our product better.  Over the next year, I will work hard to improve our brand and make TheTwistedEpicurean a truly unique and exciting culinary experience.

However, before I sign off for the year and put 010 to bed, I would like to personally thank those who have helped me along the way.  First, to my wife for putting up with all my bullschit and supporting me regardless of how stupid and idiotic my ideas may have seemed.  Without her, this dream could not be fulfilled and I am blessed to call her my “wif”.  Secondly, to my kids for giving me inspiration and the desire to make this thing work.  They have been the recipients of most of my frustrations and are not deserving of the antics I have placed upon them (i.e.  throwing the iPhone out the window….felt good, but may have been a bit of an over reaction.  Sorry Schitney).  Thirdly, to the Syndicate for their countless hours coaching and fixing my never-ending computer and/or graphic problems.  I promise, in the coming years, I will hire an IT guy and a graphic designer, then we can just hunt, fish, drink and chase whores.  Fourthly, to the Buffingsteins, who have endured and tasted a countless number of culinary experiments, some good and some bad.  I wish I could say this will change, but unfortunately for you, there are many more in the years to come.  And finally, to Texas and Oklahoma friends and family members, thanks for helping me spread the word and shamelessly peddling all my wares.  Without you, my family would have been in the poor house long ago.

So to all of you, I raise my glass and say “Thank you.  And here is to many more exciting years at TheTwistedEpicurean”.

Crazy Ass Mexican

6 oz Limeade

6 oz Tequila*

1/2 oz  Triple Sec




Combine all ingredients except sangria into your favorite blender, fill with ice and blend.  Pour into glasses and top with approximately 1 oz of sangria wine.  Walla.

*  Contrary to what you may think, high-end tequila (i.e. Patron, Cuervo 1800, etc.) is not needed or recommended.  A good marg has a slight whang to it and that whang is achieved by using a less refined tequila.  Cuervo Classic or Cuervo Gold is the old reliable, but don’t be shy if all you have is Montezuma.

**  If you don’t have sangria, red wine is a good substitute.


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