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Storm of Fury

They say that bad things happen in 3’s; if that is the case, our family is set for quite some time.  I am forgoing my regular blog post and directing you to a blog I created to help those effected by the recent wildfires in West Texas.  As you will see, my in-laws (Syd & Becky Pitzer) were lucky enough to be spared; however, others were not so fortunate.  Although many in these communities have the where with all to rebuild, countless others have been left homeless with little hope of rebuilding.  
Syd and Becky are the type of folk who go out of their way to help others and rarely consider their own needs first.  If ever there were a true example of “We are Second”, it is them. They have taught me a great deal about giving and now it is my time to demonstrate what I have learned.  We at the TheTwistedEpicurean have a close tie to this community and want to help those families in need.  During the month of May, 100% of all proceeds from the sale of our products will be donated to help rebuild this community.  Attached is the link to my Help PK blog.  Please join me in helping our Texas neighbors.


Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’am

If I haven’t said this before, it is high time that I do………”If you put goat cheese on a turd, there is a good chance I am going to eat it”.  As odd and unappetizing as that may sound, it is true.  Yes, goat cheese is my epicurean crutch.  The creaminess and tanginess goat cheese brings to a dish is unmatched.  If you are a virgin to goat cheese, be a virgin no more.

God did not grace me in the nether regions, nor give me a crap load of cash; but what he did give me was an uncanny ability to cook.  Given that Siete can burn water, we were a match made in heaven.  This recipe certainly wooed Siete and is sure to give you the entry key into any man or women’s boudoir.

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Short Lived

Unfortunately for me, Siete did quite well in her first ½ marathon.  Top 40% for her over-aged group ain’t bad.  I, of course, attribute her success to her pre-race meal; she seems to think differently.  Continue reading

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