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Offal Good

Growing up one typically has several friends, family members and/or teachers who become a huge part of their lives and help mold and shape them into respectable members of the community.  Being the rigid and hard headed individual that I am and was, I only had a few who were willing to step up to the plate; most of which had to because we were related.  To those individuals who did have the courage to step up on my behalf; well………..“you should be ashamed of yourselves”.  Have you seen how I turned out????  Crap Fire.

Uncle Dave (no blood relation) was one of those few individuals brave enough to take me under his wing and show me a thing or two.  Being of no blood relation, I often wonder why he was so willing to take on the challenge; regardless of his reasons, I am thankful he did.

As things go, Uncle Dave and I tend to see eye to eye.  We are both fairly rigid in our ways, we both are quite stubbourn and I can’t recall a time when either of us were wrong about anything……..that was until recently.

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The Gig Is Up

Much to my chagrin, Siete actually reads my blogs.  As you can surmise, she was none too pleased with “Rose Colored Glasses”.  Needless to say, I am eating healthy again, exercising more and back on the wagon.  So if I seem a bit cranky; well, you now know why.

Given my recent lifestyle change, I have found that eating healthier isn’t really the issue.  Giving up beer, well that is another story.  In an effort to take my mind off my yearning desires, I decided to spend the weekend doing “honey dos”.  I spent numerous hours cleaning the garage, washing and waxing the cars and mowing the lawn.  Heck I even cleaned out the gutters and trimmed the trees.  I was being a good husband.  In the midst of my chores, I looked over at Siete and saw that was smiling from ear to ear.  The kind of a smile that showed her gratitude and appreciation for all the sacrifices I am making.  Thinking about it, it may have been the happiest I had seen her in quite some time.  However, true happiness is often times fleeting and when she found me passed out on the patio, beer in hand; her smile quickly vanished. 

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Rose Colored Glasses

Humor seems to have evaded me today.  For that matter, humor seems to have  evaded me for the last several days.  Why you might ask?  Well the years are catching up to me and Siete has decided that I need to make some changes.  She seems to think that I need to eat a little healthy, actually start using the gym I belong to and stop drinking.  The dieting and working out are one thing, but sobriety, that is for the birds.

Given my new perspective on life, I decided to go back and review a few of my old posts to see if they would offer up any humorous inspiration.  I checked out “Virgin Run”, “A Former Life” and “I Have A Dream”.  All decent blogs, but nothing too inspiring.  I went a little deeper and perused “Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’am”, “Pure Insanity” and “The Tortoise And The Hare”.  Again, all good blogs, but still nothing.  Then it hit me……humor has been evading me these last few days, humor has evaded me most of my adult born life.  What the f__k Chuck?

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