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Throw Down

I grew up with the understanding that all Mexicans could cook.  Although that may seem like a hasty generalization, life experiences had not proved otherwise…..that is until I got married.

As Mexicans go, Siete is a few sandwiches shy of a picnic.  None more obvious than her lack of expertise in the kitchen.  To say that she could burn water is a vast understatement.  So when she and my daughter Schitney decided they wanted to make homemade ice cream for Father’s Day, I was a bit taken back and concerned for the family’s well being.  I double checked to make sure my life insurance policy was all in proper order.

In the beginning, I was quite impressed with their maneuvering around the kitchen.  Separating egg yolks with ease, making accurate and precise measurements and whisking with confidence.  Could I have underestimated her talents?

As it goes, the making of homemade ice cream is a fairly easy process.  Pour in your ice cream mixture, plug in the motor and ice the schit out of it.  Ice, rock salt, ice, rock salt.  Hell, the ice cream maker even has a built-in timer “when the motor stops running, you are done”.  Doesn’t get much easier than that, right?

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This is not my typical post.  This is a warning.  This goes out to all men and all women who act like men.  If your significant other ever expresses an interest in watching the movie “Black Swan” together, run and run fast.

To most, this statement may seem like a given.  However, as men can typically be, I have been an ass lately.  Nothing that I see out of the ordinary, but Siete has taken exception to my behavior.  As such, I decided to take one for the team.  I was going to be the good husband and endure a little pain.  “Surely it can’t be that bad”……Buuuuullllllllschit!  This f__king movie is horrible.  It is two hours of my life that I ain’t ever getting back and if this doesn’t earn me some serious brownie points; well it is time I start looking for Ocho.

I digress.  Most aren’t reading this blog to listen to all of my bitching and moaning.  Most are here for the food.  So, without further ado, the link below is a recipe that I recently had published in Plum Creek’s bi-annual hunting newsletter.  Hope you enjoy.

Twisted Epilogue: The only good thing that came out of watching this movie is the realization that I need to lose some weight.  Having bigger tits than Natalie Portman is not natural for a man.  Hence forth, I am officially on a diet……Siete, you were finally right on something.  Kudos to you.

True Friendship

I am without words…..

Over the last couple of weeks, I have lost two great friends.  Two friends that were full of life, full of happiness and full of love.  Two friends that cared for me regardless of how I treated them or how I talked about them or how I viewed them.  Two friends that I could always count on to be by my side, regardless of the situation.

With their passing, I have come to realize that I have under estimated my love for dogs.  I have under estimated their importance in our lives and their importance in our overall well being.  Often times I have told my wife “a dog is just a dog”.  Poppycock.  A dog is not just a dog.  A dog is a true friend.  A dog is a member of the family who deserves the treatment and respect we show those we love.

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Mistaken Identity

There are not a lot of good things going on in Mexico these days; however, not so long ago, that wasn’t necessarily the case. 

One of my fondest memories of Mexico comes from a Spring Break trip we took while at A&M.  Unbeknownst to my parents, a group of college buddies and I decided that our unwavering dedication to higher education warranted a break.  Countless hours pounding the books and pounding the beer had taken its toll on us mentally and physically.  Our overall well-being was definitely in question.  Without a little relief, god only knows what errant path we might choose. 

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