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How Time Flies

Being under-employed has given me a new perspective on life:  you can never save enough for a rainy day, working with your spouse can quickly ruin a marriage, retirement must truly suck and there is a legitimate reason why old people wait till 5 pm to start drinking.

On August 25th, we will be celebrating our one year anniversary at TheTwistedEpicurean and my how time flies.  The truths and lies that I have told over the past year have been therapeutic in nature and have given me an outlet on what would otherwise be a truly depressing time in my life.  And as we all do from time to time, now is when we must reflect on our accomplishments and failures.

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Roll Tide

Being married seven times is a good indication that I am not a smart man.  But what I lack in intelligence, I make up for in hard work and a little bit of levity.  Fortunately for my kids, God was much more kind to them than he was to me.

My two oldest sons go to a small private school that’s main purpose in life is to kill a kid’s spirit.  “No talking in the halls”, “hands behind your back”, “sit up straight”.  Structure and obedience are paramount….That was until my kids came along.

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