How Time Flies

Being under-employed has given me a new perspective on life:  you can never save enough for a rainy day, working with your spouse can quickly ruin a marriage, retirement must truly suck and there is a legitimate reason why old people wait till 5 pm to start drinking.

On August 25th, we will be celebrating our one year anniversary at TheTwistedEpicurean and my how time flies.  The truths and lies that I have told over the past year have been therapeutic in nature and have given me an outlet on what would otherwise be a truly depressing time in my life.  And as we all do from time to time, now is when we must reflect on our accomplishments and failures.

Over the next month, I will be highlighting some of our most popular posts from the past year.  But in order to do this properly, I need your input.  Many of you have offered up great comments throughout the year and the feedback has been “Tremendous”.  What I now need is your help determining which posts were your favorites.  Over the next couple of weeks, if you could please take the time and email me your top three posts at, I would greatly appreciate it.  Votes will be tallied and the winning posts will be highlighted throughout the month of August.

Unlike my ungrateful kids, I realize there must be a little give for a little take.  Therefore, all those who choose to participant will be entered into a drawing at the end of August and one lucky reader will win their choice of a Big Cachunga or Whole Enchilada gift pack.

Without further ado, I feel it is only appropriate to start at the beginning.  This is what got it all started……

Twisted Epilogue:  If this blog seems like a cop-out, you are correct.  Two months of 100 + degree days, kids with nothing to do, a wife that is a constant nag… is enough to drive a sober man to drink or in my case, drive a drunk to drink more.

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