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Forced Family Fun – The Sequel

Trying to make sure everyone enjoys themselves during family vacations can be a bit hectic and/or a complete ass whipp’n. But as family vacations go, our recent “Forced Family Fun” adventure to Colorado might be one of our most enjoyable and memorable. Sure we pissed off most the neighbors around us, but what family outing haven’t we done that? And sure my six-year-old called an old lady a “douche bag”, but that is what six-year olds do…….right? Right?

Colorado has a lot to offer, especially when you are escaping the Great Texas Heat Wave of 2011. Rafting down the San Juan River, horseback riding through the national forest, hot air balloon rides over the mountain tops, good times abound. But as fun goes, the experience that was most memorable has to be the train ride from Durango to Silverton.

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And The Winner Is……

On Thursday, we will be celebrating the end of our first year at TheTwistedEpicurean.  I can’t express to you how fun it has been for me and how much I have enjoyed sharing with you my love for food and the adventures that make my life so blessed.

To those who have followed the blog this past year, many thanks.  Your support has been overwhelming and without you, TheTwistedEpicurean would not have been so successful.   I look forward to another tremendous year and hope you enjoy the ride……

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Like Kissing Your Sister

Based on the recent voting, a rational person would surmise that my blogs really suck and that I should possibly consider enrolling in Clown School.

My conclusion comes from the fact that outside of one vote (which came from an illiterate fan) there appear to be only two blogs worth mentioning.  And the runner-up in the Year 1 Twisted Epicurean Blog Recap is……….

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Summertime Blues

Be it summer vacations, lack of interest or you are just tired of my bullschit; but the call for help has fallen upon deaf ears.  As I stated in my last blog, the revisiting of old friends may be a bit of a cop-out; but summer vacations have gotten the better of me, my give a schit meter resides in the bowels of hell and I am tired of my own bullschit.  So, without further a due, I felt it only appropriate to revisit this blog in hopes that it will soon bring cooler weather to the Lone Star state……

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