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Dos Anos

A wise man once told me duty is a cruel master, which may be the reason Dos Anos is proving to be much harder than Year 1.  Sure there were times last year when I was in a funk “My Apologies”, but those seemed to be short-lived.

Since rejoining the rank and file of the employed and under-appreciated, my creative give a schit meter has been pegged in the red.  No longer am I drinking to inspire creativity; I am now drinking to get through day.  For weeks, I have lamented over what to write for my blog.  And for weeks, I have come up with nothing.  I will have to admit, I am starting to get concerned.  Either I am running out of good bullschit or I am becoming old and boring.  Hell, if this keeps up, I am going to be just another over-weight, Southern female cooking personality, with a voice that will peel paint off the wall.

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