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A Little Daddy Time

As you may recall from “If it ain’t broke”, I am a bit of a chauvinist; but, for that matter, what male isn’t.  However, as with most things in life, it isn’t my fault….no, as a “victim”, it is never your fault.  My chauvinism is just the ying to my wife’s yang; a counter balance, if you will, to her sexism.  See, as difficult as it is for me to handle women TV personalities, Seite has a hard time with the male chef personalities.  And the bane of her existence happens to be Alton Brown.  That is right, the nerdy, science guy that has as much culinary creativity as our lab Otis.  But nerdy or not, the sumbitch knows what he is doing and if you can get past his childish demonstrations, you may learn a thing or two about the how’s and why’s of cooking.  And understanding what to do and what not to do is the foundation for good culinary creations. 

Today’s blog has little to do with a recipe and more to do with a technique:  The making of stock.  Now before we dive too deep into cooking techniques, I am going to go a little Alton Brown on you and briefly explain the difference between a stock and a broth, minus the dorky demonstrations: 

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