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Summertime Blues

Be it summer vacations, lack of interest or you are just tired of my bullschit; but the call for help has fallen upon deaf ears.  As I stated in my last blog, the revisiting of old friends may be a bit of a cop-out; but summer vacations have gotten the better of me, my give a schit meter resides in the bowels of hell and I am tired of my own bullschit.  So, without further a due, I felt it only appropriate to revisit this blog in hopes that it will soon bring cooler weather to the Lone Star state……

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Old Man Winter

I now know why poets, authors and painters are notorious alcoholics and druggies……..being creative is an ass whip’n to the highest degree, especially after the holidays.  So please forgive me if this post seems rather drab and mundane.

As seasons go, winters in Texas aren’t too bad.  Unlike the northern states, Texas winters tend to be mild and pleasant.  But on special occasions, Old Man Winter will pay us a visit.  That visit came this past Sunday and The Old Man seems to be rather pissed.  Typically, he comes and goes quickly, 30 degrees one day, 70 degrees the next.  Not this time.  No, it seems that someone has pissed him off good and he ain’t leaving anytime soon.  

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