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The Hangover

Lies, tales and offenses are hard to come by today, so this blog will be short and to the point. 

Fat Tuesday is behind us, so there is definitely a need for a hangover cure.  Growing up, Jo Bob’s Butter and Onion Sandwich was the only cure we Lake Trash dare speak of.  Fresh white bread, a glob of butter and a large slice of yellow onion, honey hush……….As strange as it may sound, bread, butter and onion can cure many things, including encephalitis.

Regardless of the effectiveness, few that I have encountered are brave enough to try JB’s secret.  So for those who are not so adventuresome, here is the next best thing…….for those of you who really tied one on last night, maybe you should try both!  It sure can’t hurt.

Sunday Bloody Sunday

12 ounces tomato juice

2 oz vodka

4 dashes Tabasco

2 dash Worcestershire

½ t prepared horseradish

1 t olive juice

Pinch celery salt

Pinch black pepper

Pinch Mack seasoning


Lime wedge, celery stalk and olives, for garnish

Combine all ingredients and enjoy.

Twisted Epilogue:  Feedback is good, orders are better.  If you have tried one of our recipes, let us know what you think.  If you like are stuff, please order some for you and a friend.  Times are slow and baby needs a new pair of shoes.

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